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The Modern Ecommerce Leader’s Guide to Black Friday 2020

How to solve the 3 most common ecommerce challenges that surround Black Friday

The Modern Ecommerce Leader’s Guide to Black Friday 2020

For every ecommerce leader, Black Friday is either the biggest win of the year, or a time they wish to erase from their own (and the internet’s) memory. 

There are so many variables surrounding Black Friday, making it the most stressful time of year in ecommerce. Has marketing set up all promotions correctly? Is your dev team prepared and resourced to prevent outages? Will your third party systems slow down or break your website? Everyone’s stressed; so many things could go wrong.

The good news is that these stress factors can be mitigated with sound planning and the emergence of headless commerce. This guide will outline actionable steps to solve the three most common Black Friday ecommerce challenges.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid the Black Friday nightmare — your website crashing — by effectively scaling to support peak traffic
  • Maximize revenue by shortening your code freeze window and deploying CX enhancements around Black Friday without fear
  • Set your teams up for success so they can spend Thanksgiving with their families instead of in “war rooms”